Thought of the month. You get the behavior you reward and measure.

About Us

Our Core Values


We are in the customer service business

...and we know that people do business with people they trust and respect.

Everything that we do is focused on being worthy of our client's and partner's trust and respect. That in a nutshell is what drives and guides everything that we do.

If your goal is to "get rich quick", then we probably are not the right firm for you.  If you are in business to build a business that will last and be profitable for many years, you are going to appreciate how we do business.

We have earned the complete trust of our clients by practicing what we preach.  Their trust in us is exhibited  by the ever increasing scope of services they look to us for.

Looking for a partner you can both respect and trust?   Call us and let's talk about your business.

Honesty and fairness matters.

Our Approach


Our ability to ask good questions, share what we have learned from other business owners, executives, and managers over the years, and get to the heart of what is in need of attention in the first place is often exactly why firms initially engage our services initially.  

Once we really understand exactly what the problems are, we start working on finding and implementing solutions to them. 

Different problems require different approaches and solutions.  The key is to put into place a game-plan that is something our client can actually execute on and make sure that the game-plan is both time-boxed and specific as to what needs to be done when, how it needs to be done, and how success at each milestone can be measured and reported on.

What makes us different from other business management consulting firms is that we typically actually get involved in the "doing" rather than just playing an advisory role.  Ideas that never get executed in the real world benefit only the consultants and we think our clients deserve better than that.

Results matter.

Why Us?


There are a lot of consultants and consulting firms in the market today.  Why would you choose to work with us rather than others?

We have many certifications and have won many awards over the years.  That is not what makes us unique however.  Many other individuals and firms have multiple certifications and have won awards as well.

What makes us unique is the collection of insights, knowledge, and experiences that we have gained from the literally thousands of business owners, executives, and managers that we have worked with as business consultants and problem-solvers over the past 35 years.

That collection of insights, knowledge, and experiences is what allows us to help you identify and fix problems and identify and take advantage of opportunities in your business and do so much more quickly than you could with most other consulting firms. 

Experience matters.