Thought of the month. You get the behavior you reward and measure.

Why work with us?

We have helped thousands of business leaders better see, develop, and manage opportunities in their business.


Everything we do is designed to help you know more so you can guess less.  

The result will be increased profits and a greater business valuation.

We have worked with and advised over 600 companies over the past 35 years.


We offer our clients many things, but the most important are experience, integrity, and true partnership.  We truly care about our clients becoming more successful over time and we bring a full tool-box with us to make sure that happens.

Results matter and we deliver them.


One of our clients started with a three-person staff.  A few years later they were purchased for $3.5 Billion U.S..  We have also been privileged to work with many other businesses that while not growing that large, grew and became something that everyone that invested in it or worked in it could take a lot of pride in and financially benefit from.  


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