Startup and Small Business Consulting

The owner of this business learned a long time ago that your best and most loyal clients are the ones that you started working with long before they were successful enough that everyone wanted to work with them.

We absolutely love small businesses.  Our owner has started and grown many of his own.

One of our clients started with a three-person staff; a few years later they were purchased for $3.5 Billion U.S..  We have also been privileged to work with many other small businesses that while not growing that large, grew and became something that the owners could take a lot of pride in and also a few dollars out of to enrich their personal lives.

The key to being successful as a small business is knowing how to best focus your limited resources and never taking your eyes off of the things that will determine your success or failure.  That is where we come in.  

We focus on the following areas:

Business Plans

Small and Growing Business Mentoring

Lean Startup Consulting

QuickBooks Consulting

Lesson one for any small business is to find a very small list of things that you are willing to do what it takes to be the best at and then to do just that.  That is advice that we practice ourselves.  Our list is above.  How can we help you?