Accounting and ERP Systems Consulting

You cannot effectively manage what you cannot see.

We focus this part of our practice on helping companies define exactly what they truly need from their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and accounting software and then help them select and implement that software and the related reporting structures and reports.  We do not sell any accounting or ERP software, but we are experts on the following packages:

Sage 100 ERP — 30 years experience.  Over 400 successful implementations (the owner of this company used to own one of the largest Sage MAS 90, MAS 200, and Sage 100 ERP resellers in the U.S.).  Sage Certified Consultants.

QuickBooks and QuickBooks Enterprise — Multiple certifications including Advanced Certified ProAdvisor (the highest level of certification offered by Intuit, the publisher of QuickBooks) and Enterprise Certified ProAdvisor.

For the many clients that we work with that utilize accounting software and ERP packages that we are not experts on, we work together with firms that are experts on those packages to help you implement, re-implement or just expand how you use your system.

The key is to start the process by determining exactly what information you need to see and how you need to see it in order to be able to effectively manage your business and then rework your software implementation in a manner that makes it possible for you to get that information in an efficient and timely manner.